Give your business a modern makeover with vehicle wraps!

Give your business a modern makeover with vehicle wraps! Corporate branding is a key part of setting your business apart from the competition and vehicle wraps are a great way to help you stand out and get recognition. Make sure you are putting your best foot, or car, forward, and give your fleet a professional look with a custom-designed wrap!

Manufacturing and installation

Manufacturing and Installation Experts

Manufacturing and installation experts for omega sign & lighting customers, a virtually infinite variety of signs are created by skilled sign makers using the latest cutting-edge tools. As your local manufacturing and installation experts, the skilled installation teams from omega sign & lighting are bonded and insured and can install signs anywhere in the chicagoland region and its environs. We run our own fleet of installation tools and employ the top installers in the industry.


Interior Digital Video Walls

Interior digital video wall signage may be used to present new products or services, teach students about school activities, advertise special discounts and events, celebrate staff accomplishments, and more. The video wall series is our latest generation of LCD display technology, providing your company with unrivaled brightness and visual performance.

Digital Signage


A great way to display information about your business is to get digital signage. This signage not only looks great, but is very versatile! We have several different options from full displays to letter signage. We have done many jobs in the past and are very experienced in repairing and installing digital signage. Our expert team is prepared to help with jobs big and small!


- By Cassidy James Blaede


When consumers or clients approach your business, one of the first things they will notice is your brand identity – meaning, your logo. As a result, it is critical for a company to have high-quality signage and lights in order to appear professional and well-organized.

Omega Sign & Lighting can assist you with this. We help businesses to develop the best signage for them by listening to their needs and goals. We can create any kind of business sign from LED to storefront signs to signage for stadiums. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with designing your sign and manufacturing it in-house, as well as obtaining the appropriate licenses before displaying it in front of your shop for all to see. We do the hard work for you from the initial creation of the sign to its installation.

If you need your old signs updated for a more modern look or assistance with a full rebrand, call us immediately and our expert staff will go to work on making your vision a reality. We serve the areas of Chicago and the surrounding areas and aim to make your business stand out from the crown. To get started with your business transformation, contact us today to start the creative process – our business is to boost your business.

New Pylon Sign


Our team recently had the opportunity to create and install a local pylon sign. Call us today to learn more about how our expert team can help with your business signage needs.

Chicago's own Omega Sign & Lighting


 As the experts in sign installation, Chicago's own Omega Sign & Lighting completed a local EMU sign for Hob Chicago.

Your Sign & Lighting Experts

Your Sign & Lighting Experts

One of the first things customers notice when approaching your business is branding. This is where Omega Sign & Lighting can help. Our expert team members handle everything from design and fabrication to permitting and installation.

Whether you are looking for large pylon signs, new signs for a storefront, stadium signage, or LED signs, we do it all. If you have existing signage that you would like updated for a more modern look or to help with a rebrand, contact us today.


Omega Sign & Lighting in Chicago recently installed a beautiful EMU sign for Hob Chicago.

Quality Business Signs For The Holidays

Quality Business Signs |FOR THE HOLIDAYS

Having quality business signs serves both your customers and business. Not only do these signs show the professionalism of the business infrastructure, but it also has numerous benefits including ensuring your business is visually prominent.

Repairing or installing professional business signs may seem an extra mile, it is a worthwhile investment. Call our team of experts to learn more.

99 cent store

Pylon Signs | Our Services

Pylon signs often stand out among the crowd because of their unique structure. This can give you a great advantage as a business owner! Omega Sign & Lighting can help you create your pylon sign in a process that’s as easy as it is effective. We have the proper equipment to create and install your sign, so all you have to worry about is telling us what you want!


One of our services includes refreshing business signs. We recently recreated the Forest Villa Condominiums sign to give it a more modern and renewed look. The contrast is amazing! We were able to maintain the same look and feel of the original sign, but update it to fit a new era. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Business Signs | What We Can Do For You

Creating a business sign can be a daunting task. There are so many components and steps to this process. It’s hard to know where to even begin. That’s why Omega Sign & Lighting has made this process simple and easy for you. We can create the design, build your sign, get the permits, and install it. Our friendly technicians have the experience and equipment necessary to provide you with a top quality sign. For nearly 50 years we have been helping business owners just like you make a great impression on their customers. We would be more than happy to help you create your own custom business sign, call us today!

Business Rebranding


Omega Sign & Lighting offers a number of solutions for business rebranding. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to logo design, permitting,

 and sign installation. With our experienced team all being in-house, our quality, price, and speed are unbeatable. Call us today to learn more.


Primark, the Irish fashion retailer, has made its debut in Chicago with a bright new business sign. 


Primark has made its Chicago debut as of Thursday with a sign provided by Chicago's top sign company, Omega Sign and Lighting. 


Businesses today are growing more and more competitive. Modern business signs are a progressive way to show your business in its best light.


The Omega Sign and Lighting team proves that no job is too big with the recent commercial sign installation, which included the addition of a 20-foot pill bottle.



Do the signs and lighting at your business or shopping center need to be brightened up? We can help.

The clean and attractive appearance of your company’s signage can make a difference to your bottom line. Our team of experts specialize in sign repair. Omega Sign & Lighting provides financing options for commercial clients. With key dispatch locations from Chicago to Addison, we can provide the sign repair service you need in a timely and efficient manner. Call us today!



Four weeks after its official re-christening as the Now Arena, Hoffman Estates' 11,000-seat entertainment venue began to look more like its new self Monday. Our team installed new business signs along the outside walls of the stadium formerly known as the Sears Centre. By the time the arena was complete, our team of experts rebranded the entire site.

Seatgeek Stadium

STADIUM SIGNAGE | Seatgeek Stadium

With Omega's team as their one-stop-shop, Seatgeek Stadium is got a fresh look for the new year. Contact us today for a free quote on your stadium signage.


SIGN REPAIR | Omega Sign & Lighting is Ready to Help you Make a Great Impression!

With the holidays upon us, we want to make sure your business’ signs are working perfectly so that you can make the best first impression. Signs that are illegible in any way often deter potential customers. Our team of certified professionals can handle any sign repair you may need so that you can worry about meeting your clients' needs this season. Contact us today for your sign repair needs!

Chicago Sun-Times

SIGN REMOVAL | Removal of the Iconic Chicago Sun-Times

 Removal of the iconic Chicago Sun-Times sign began October 16th, 2017, in Chicago. The sign was roughly 12 feet tall and our techs needed to be hoisted on a swing stage to access it. For their sign removal, over the course of approximately 10 days, our techs removed the aluminum structure and fluorescent lighting while hanging several stories in the air.

Read the article detailing the Chicago Sun-Times work here.

Below is a link to the Chicago Sun-Times article detailing the work.Chicago Sun-Times Article

Weber Grill Chicago Kettle

BUSINESS SIGN REPAIR | Weber Grill Chicago Kettle

The Weber Grill Chicago kettle sign sits atop the entrance to the restaurant, and in our opinion, wouldn’t have lasted another season in the condition it was in. When we first got the kettle into the shop, we had to wait for it to dry out as it had been taking on water due to extensive cracks in its exterior.

We added aluminum supports to the cracks, riveting and gluing each. After the glue had time to dry and cure properly, we went on to repair the fiberglass outer shell, followed by an intensive sanding period. Finally, we primed and painted the exterior, with a clear coat overall.

Large scale signage like this can be a challenge for any sign company, but we’re practiced in this kind of business sign repair and were ready to take it on.

ZED 451 - Chicago

NEW LED SIGNS |  breath new life into old, dull signs

New LED modules can breath new life into old, dull signs. But not every module is right
for all applications.

Omega Sign & Lighting/YESCO Chicago's case study with Chicago
area restaurant ZED 451 details how we approached this problem with their two unique lighting needs: a lit pillar with lettering and the unique channel letters we built for them.

Assists YESCO Lousiville

BUSINESS SIGN | Omega Sign & Lighting
Assists YESCO Lousiville

Our rappel crew was caught on film today on the local Louisville, KY, station WDRB as we helped YESCO Louisville change the signs for Norton Children’s Hospital.

Replacing the letters on one side of the hospital required a large crane truck, which we were more than happy to bring with us. The signage at the top of the building involved some hair-raising rappel work (pictured left).

Many of Omega Sign & Lighting's downtown Chicago and Greater Chicagoland clients have signs at the top of their tall buildings, giving us the experience and skills to install and service signs at any height.

Check out the news clip on WDRB's website.

Have a sign at the top of your skyscraper that needs service? Contact us for a quote!