From the major leagues to little leagues and every league in between, you’ll find our scoreboards sport sign quite literally lighting up the game. We bring this pro venue experience to every scoreboard customer we partner with. We offer digital shot clocks, ribbon boards, center hung scoreboards and much more.

Why Chicago Venues Choose Omega for Scoreboard Sports Signs

In the heart of Chicago's sports culture, Omega stands out as a leader in delivering innovative and high-quality digital LED scoreboards and displays.. Our commitment to enhancing game days across Chicago and its surrounding suburbs is evident in every sign we create, from LED scoreboards perfect for all weather conditions to customizable digital displays designed to captivate fans.

Versatile Scoreboard Options Tailored for Chicago's Needs

Digital and LED Scoreboards: Perfect Fit for Every Venue

Omega's diverse range of scoreboards, including state-of-the-art digital and durable LED options, caters to every type of sports facility in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Each offers unique benefits, ensuring a perfect match for your venue's needs.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Fan Engagement

Our digital scoreboards are not just scorekeepers; they're a gateway to an immersive fan experience with high-definition displays and interactive capabilities, making every game a memorable event.

Navigating Chicago's Legal Landscape for Scoreboard Installation

Compliance and Permitting Made Easy

Installing large scoreboards in Chicago involves navigating complex zoning laws and regulations. Omega simplifies this process, offering expert guidance on permits and compliance to ensure a smooth installation for your scoreboard.

Custom Scoreboard Designs for Chicago Teams

Showcasing Team Spirit

Understanding the unique identity of Chicago's sports teams, Omega specializes in custom scoreboard designs. Incorporate your team's logo, colors, and more to reflect the true spirit of your team and its fans.

Comprehensive Services: From Installation to Maintenance

Ensuring Long-Term Reliability

Omega's commitment extends beyond sales, providing full-scale installation and maintenance services across Chicago. Our dedicated team ensures your scoreboard remains a reliable centerpiece for years to come.

Enhancing the Fan Experience in Chicago's Sports Venues

Vivid Displays for Maximum Engagement

A high-quality scoreboard is key to an engaging fan experience. Omega's scoreboards offer vibrant, real-time displays that keep fans invested in every moment of the game.

Contributing to Chicago's Economy and Community

More Than Just a Score Tracker

Omega's scoreboards do more than display scores; they play a significant role in enhancing the local economy by attracting larger audiences and elevating the spectator experience.

Embracing Sustainability in Sports Signage

Energy-Efficient Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

Omega is dedicated to sustainability, offering energy-efficient scoreboard options that not only reduce operational costs but also align with Chicago's environmental conservation efforts.

Omega's Impact on Chicago's Sports Scene

A Testament to Quality and Innovation

Our successful installations across Chicago showcase Omega's commitment to the sports community. These projects highlight the transformative impact of our scoreboards in the sports industry.

Finding the Right Scoreboard for Your Chicago Venue

Expert Guidance for the Perfect Choice

Choosing the right scoreboard for your Chicago venue is critical. Omega's team provides comprehensive advice on size, features, and budget considerations to ensure you find the best fit.

The Future of Sports Signage in Chicago with Omega

Leading the Way in Innovation

Omega is not just keeping pace with the future of sports signage in Chicago; we're driving it. Our commitment to innovation and technology promises exciting advancements for the local sports community.